Tolaga bay > Gisborne (55km, 3h10)

Today I’m on my way to Gisborne and I will see Maila there for the last time because tomorrow she is going to participate to a triathlon.


I slept well tonight even after two weeks in a normal bed :-)

We are not allowed to camp here but there is toilet, table and anybody is using it, the tentation was so big!

This road is long and hot!

But a least, the view is great.

The beach :-) as empty as usual.

I like riding along the ocean like that.


I’ve reach the point where we stopped last week with Maila. Gisborne is not too far now.

There is many surfers on this place. I would like to have a board and continue my training :-)

Wonderful day today.

I’m tired, it’s really hot and I’m getting hungry. But I know already where I’m going to eat. 7km more! Go!

That’s the place I was thinking about :-) The same as last week when Maila went to her running competition.

I found the place, front of the river and the city centre.

Ohh that’s so good to eat, I was starving!

I finished what I needed to do in the city centre and I’m now front of the house of Jane and Chris, Maila’s friends. They invited to stay few days if I want.

This the view from he house, where my bike is standing.

This is Freely a very very old cat. They found her so they don’t know exactly her age but she as around 20 years! I’m waiting for Chris and Tareg because they are running now and should arrive in 20 Min.

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