Ruatōria, last day

Today is Halloween and my last day with Maila, Kaila and Ramai. So, I’ve decided to cook an Italian meal :-)

The dough are ready! Now it’s time to create 4 pizzas as we like :-)

That’s it, we are fast aren’t we? :-)

And the “entrance”. I wanted mozzarella but we didn’t find it in the supermarket. I thought I found “feta” but it’s a kind of chess like “vache qui rit” No worries, it should be good as well ;-)

And the first one is ready :-)

And a second one :-)

On the right side, Pare, a Kaila’s friend s happy to stay with us and eat fresh pizzas :-)

And the third one! We are already full but at least I want to test it haha.

And finally, the last one! Ramai is still hungry! Fiou! I need to stay one week more after all this food haha :-) No no this time I should go because I have still a long ride to turn around all new Zealand! And I should met Maila and Ramai on Gisborne normally because Mainly is going to participate to a triathlon Saturday. Tomorrow, cycling! If I remember how to… ;-)