Ruatōria, visit around

Today it’s Monday but anybody is going to work or school Maila proposed to visit around Tikitiki. I’ve been there already but I didn’t take the time having a look.

We start the afternoon by making a pearl crocodile :-). It’s a long time I’ve made that! Maybe 15 years haha :-) I’ve tryed teaching to Caila how to do it and next time she could do it alone. She really happy with this one :-)

Then, we took a ride to join Tikitiki because outside of the that city, along the river, stands the longest Waka in the world. But we can’t go farther because the boat is into private lands… A woman told us that we could climb the fence but the owner of the fields wasn’t agree with this idea… That’s the closest picture I can do, but it’s better than nothing.

The last visit concern one of the most beautiful church build for Maoris in the region. I don’t like taking picture of it but the decoration inside is really beautiful; All in wood with Maoris statues and carvings.

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  1. Hello Damdam !

    Don’t forget you know make spider with pearls to learn to Caila ! You remember your young time ! Good visit! kiss

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