Ruatōria, marbles

Yes, I’m still in Ruatōria having a good time with Maila, Caila and Ramaï. This afternoon is warm and it’s nice to start outside in the garden doing nothing special :-)

Here there is the family :-) Ramaï and Caila are playing marbles like everyday. They have got lite 200 each other. This game arrived in Ruatōria few month ago and now all students are playing. The marbles revolution! Maila and I are the judges and approved if they don’t cheat :-)

What plant is it? Something sweet red. You can make jam with it :-)

Strawberry! But these ones are note ready yet and Caila can’t wait so if she sees a bit of red onto one of them she eats it! Be patient Caila :-)

Fluo orange flower to coloured this page :-)

Wow! This sky is wonderful! And now I know onto which mountain I was. I climbed the one on the left side behind the big middle one.

The marbles series :-) I will put the names later because I need Ramaï or Caila to help for this hard task ;-)

This is a lot of marbles! :-)

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  1. Bon, à suivre … la pétanque ! Il faut que tu leur apprennes ça Damien, surtout quand je vois la manière dont jouent les enfants : debout ! lol.

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