Ruatōria, carving lesson

Today, I’m inviting by John to learn how carving in a bone. He is doing that since 25 years and some people from England approached him and bought 4 pieces to put them in a museum in London :-)

The John’s working space with tools everywhere but a good organisation if I compare with a certain garage of papy :-) haha

This is all the steps I need to follow to realise any shape. And before John will create one piece to show me in live how to do the job.

Now, it’s my turn. I have to choose the right size for the thing I want to realise. The butterfly is his first realisation.

First step : draw the design (a circle for me)
Second step : the hole.

Third step : cut roughly the shape with a saw by hand.

My piece is ready to drill :-)

And that’s it :-). The main shape is almost finished. Now I’m going to use scratch paper to finish the shape more precisely.

And it’s totally finish now :-) I missed to take some pictures but this job is confidential ;-) Compare to the beginning piece of bone, the difference is huge!

I wanted a shiny face and a rough face. John did the back one with his signature, the famous leather of New Zealand :-)

I’m proud and for sure, I’ll remember this day :-)

Learning and create my own bone took 5 hours. We got hungry and after a good lunch, Caila make me a good ice cream :-)

Ah, with more ice cream it’s better :-)

5 thoughts on “Ruatōria, carving lesson

  1. Super Damien ! C’est un pendentif ? On ne se rend pas compte de la taille réelle en fait. En tout cas, ce souvenir là sera vraiment concret, tu pourras le toucher tous les jours!

  2. Hello, oui oui c’est un pendentif et ça fait la taille d’une rondelle de bannane :-) merci! :-)
    Et l’os appartenait à un boeuf mais je lui ai rien fait moi!

  3. wahhhhouhhh c’est chouette le bijou en os !!! ça devait pas être fastoche à réaliser !!! mais le résultat est top !! bon en tout cas je vois que tu manges toujours autant de bon ptits plats heyhey !! enjoy it !!! kisssouuuu

  4. Hey Marie, oui c’était vraiment agréable d’apprendre a tailler l’os. Et on peu vraiment pousser dans les détails même si ce que j’ai réalisé est simple. J’aime les choses simples :-)

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