Mt Hikurangi > Ruatōria (35km, 1h50)

Today I’m coming back to Ruatoria in Maila’s family. The weather is perfect to take some good pictures of the carvings :-)

I’m lazy this morning. I should go outside and take some pictures of the sunrise. I’m onopto one of the first place in the world seeing the beginning of this day but it’s too cold out there! So one picture through the window is OK haha.

On the other side, the rays are softly touching the land.

A last look to my wonderful freezing hotel :-)

And 10 min later, I reach the perfect carving circle where I let my bike yesterday. Is it still there?

Ah yes it is :-)

Let’s go for a visit. 9 sculptures were realised for the millennium and represent the story of Maui. The Ngati Porou’s ancestors, half human, half god, could have been reached the mountain with his waka (boat) and took off the land off the water, to the ocean’s god. They call Hikurangi “sacred mountain”

It’s time for downhill! Let’s go!

Roh! I’m so strong :-)

… because I’m breathing during this plane is spreading fertiliser :-)

Ah, I can see the last bridge. I’m not so far. And I make a another mistake with my camera because this picture, like the next ones, are to bright. I have to pay more attention!

Closer, closer.

That’s the base of the plane where it goes the feryalizer or something else.

I wanted to take a movie but the plane is still landing… no worries I’m going to continue my little trip to Ruatoria.
See ya.

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