Ruatōria > Mt Hikurangi (35km, 1785m, 3h20)

Hey! Today is the day to reach the highest non volcanic mountain of the north island. I finally decided to go by bike because John, a Maila ‘s friend, told me that it was possible to ride there. It’s a long trip to arrive up there because the road is going slightly up.

Map. There I first 25km to arrive to the bottom of the mountain and then 10 km more the reach the carving, a big circle situated at 1000m height with mainly wood sculpture. The last 785m toward the top are by foot.

I’m not sure yet but I think it’s this mountain that I will climb this afternoon. I will see…

Or maybe this one… they are everywhere!

Ah, I’m going to have the same “problem” as East Cape with this cows which don’t understand that it should better if they don’t run.
And there is another mountain on the back, this one?

I met a farmer on the road and a told me that I will see the Hikurangi mountain when I will reach this point. In fact, I’m going to ride on the “little” one, this on on the background with the light green area on the front :-) .

Finally, after these first 25km I’m on the last brigade which separate myself from the start of the track. The mountain where I’m going is behind the hill on the left. That’s a sy mount, difficult to see it :-)

Aaaah, finally that’s THE mountain where I’m going.

If I move, they will do.

Fiou! That was a long way to come here!

A short break is cool but the place is so windy!

I seams that there is the hut there in the mountain :-)

A landscape.

Houu :-). So cute!

In live!

I’m about 900m and the view is getting wouhaaaaa :-)

1000m! The sculptures are there!

These carvings are wonderful but I will take more picture in detail later because the it’s raining now…

So direction, the hut.

Higher and higher.

This my luxury hotel for one night :-)

Anybody inside?

I will have a good freezing night :-)

I was wondering if I was going to go today to the top but I was getting cold in this hut so I moving now to the top of the top of Hikurangi mountain.

And that’s really steep to start!

The hut and the carving place.

Suddenly, I am in the forest where all the trees are crossing each other.

Almost to the top :-)

I’m now on a plateau and there isn’t anymore stick. I have to remember the advices of Paora, the guy of the guide.

Higher and higher, the view is wonderful from here!

Not far to the top the rock are cover by ice!


Icy rocks!

Finally, I’ve reach the summit, 1785m! There is another one front of me but it’s the same high.

The top of the top :-)

This point is THE first place to see the sunrise in New Zealand BEFORE East Cape but certainly a few second before.

I wanted to take a wider picture but 10 seconds it’s not enough to put my car farther from me.

I’m come from somewhere in that valley.

It’s interesting to see all the track from here. And I did it by bike. Usually it takes between 4 and 6 hours to reach the carving but I did it in 3 hours and 15 minutes :-). Haha!

This is the main main texture which recover all Hikurangi mountain. When there is no track, I don’t have the choice and walk on this wonderful vegetation.

On my way back I found some dry wood, I think… I hope it will work because that hut is really cold!

It’s not a big fire but it’s better than nothing.

Oohhh the clouds are coming :-)

In my sleeping bag, I feel warm but outside, heu outside of the sleeping bag I mean, it’s freezing! Good night!

4 thoughts on “Ruatōria > Mt Hikurangi (35km, 1785m, 3h20)

  1. Hi Dam! :-)

    I just finish to read your aventures until you stop at Ruatoria! What could I say: just wouhaaaa! :-) The sunset on the cost, the maui art and your trip to the mountain are so amazing! The pictures are so nice (and a very special up for the baby lambs: they are so cute!).
    Damien, it is just a real pleasure to read your texts!
    Good luck with the wind and the rain! Take care and keep enjoying your trip !


  2. Hello Marie :-) thanks. I glad to here that you have a good time to read my poor English. Sometimes I feel like I repeat myself because I’m doing same thing everyday : cycling :-) but I’m trying to be creative and not boring haha.
    Ps : I have a video of the baby lambs :-) I will try to upload to show you in live ! :-)
    See ya!

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