Ruatoria, day off

Today my goal is to give a second life to the Maila’s computer. I like repairing things and this computer is a good on :

  • Brand : HP, OK… that’s only 2 letters resume all the story haha!
  • Color : yes, it’s important! This is famous old light yellow/brown color of the 19’s
  • Screen : height, width and deep are the same and the resolution is … 1024×768!
  • Result : Four hours to open the first internet page… a snail is faster haha

After few hours of work I finally found the problem, the fu***** antivirus occupied all the system and blocked internet. That’s sure it’s virus proof but it should be better if this computer was useful. My price is… a good meal, I’m not expensive, that’s a good deal :-) Hmmm Asian food is delicious Pasta, vegetables, prawns, gorgeous!