Ruatōria, cooking day

After the crepes, I would like to cook something else but what… Mum the “Tartiflette” was a good idea but I couldn’t find the famous cheese and that’s a problem to made this recipe haha. Finally I decided to make croissant! That’s really French :-)

Hey, I’m lucky today because there is still crepes in the fridge, so I could make a presentation like we did yesterday night for dinner. Chocolate, cream, nuts and banana should be delicious ;-)

Ready to eat! The blue plate is perfect to prettify the presentation.

Hmmm :-)

So, now, the croissant :-) I found an easy recipe on internet and I hope it will work because mix the paste was quite difficult at the beginning.

That’s it, now we have to wait one hour before bake them.

Get bigger please!

Oooh, it’s not perfect but for a first try, they look quite good :-)

And for the dinner, Maila has prepared a good meal with meat ball, white rice and vegetables we eat yesterday with the crepes. Good!

5 thoughts on “Ruatōria, cooking day

  1. Mmmh ! Les croissants sont trop beaux ! Je suppose trop bons aussi ! Maila ne pourrait-elle pas m’inviter pour un petit déjeuner !! lol

  2. waouhh tu te mets à la patisserire maintenant !! tu nous en feras a ton retour??? heyhey !!! ça donne envie d’en faire aussi !!! ^^

  3. Héhé :-) je suis en stage de cuisine en fait :-) les croissants n’étaient pas parfait mais je vais en refaire plus tard ! J’ avais pas la bonne levure cette fois.

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