Gisborne, Marathon

Today, we are going to Gisborne with Maila and Ramai. Maila is going to participate to a 10km marathon during I will visit ate the city with Ramai :-) I don’t like running.

It’s 5:50am and we are ready to go. It’s so early… I’m tired

We are almost in Gisborne. There is a wonderful view from this place that Maila wants to show me. And it’s a good place for having a break after 1h 20 minutes.

I slept during the road to be sure I will have something to discover when I will come back to Gisborne by bike :-)

Hey! There is already surfers waiting for waves.

That’s a good point of view! :-)

Here we are, Gisborne. The registration for the marathon is already open.

There not so many participants yet because we came soon.

15 Min left!

5 minutes left!


In this picture there three person I know : Maila, Chris and Tarek (with the flags). They are Manila’s friends and live here.

Maila, concentrated :-)

The runners are gone and now we are visiting the town with Ramai. I like because the streets have always the same presentation. I’m trying taking something particular but that’s difficult.

Hey Cheng, that’s your place :-) Where are you?

Ah, maybe that’s the particular thing of Gisborne, the clock.

It’s sunday today and the city is really quite. There is only few shops open like a Chinese one…

I think they mist something, it’s not Hawaii here… :-)

In order, Ramai, Tarek and Chris. All of them smiling :-)

And Maila is being but always motivating. Maila, you should open your eyes, it’s easier haha :-)

Maila’s time 53:54, 6 Min better than last year! Improving :-)

A last stop to McDonald’s before we come back. Poor ducks, they would like to have a good fat burger as well :-)

Almost come back to Ruatoria. Hikurangi mountain is waiting for us.

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