Queenstown, Teva Slopestyle !

This morning I’ve met Florian, a nice French guy, and we are going to watch an event I like very much :-) “big BMX tricks”! This week, there is a special event everyday. There is some downhill competition and also cross country tour and other things I don’t remember. It’s nice to be here just at the right time :-)


It’s just the beginning of the competition. The guys are warming up.

Whouooo! Flag slide ;-)


The judges are ready, the competition should starts in a minute.

Okay, is the first rider ready?

It’s getting more and more crowded :-)

Here we go!

This is the end, something like two hours of great competition! Small even but big tricks!! That was cool :-) see ya!

2 thoughts on “Queenstown, Teva Slopestyle !

  1. Tu vas mettre l’eau à la bouche de Max avec tes photos, il va bientôt au FIZ avec sa Miss Marie ! (et nous peut-être une journée)

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