Queenstown, bloggy day

One more time, one more good and peaceful night :-) Yesterday night, when I came back to that place, I met two guys. A girl from Sweden and a guy from Canada. We found the same good spot for the night. And then later, a car came up and parked itself behind us in the shadows. But no police or some rangers here, perfect :-)

They could cut the grass next time, it’s a minimum no?

I’m situated about one minute from the city centre. And down this path there is a small park front of the lake with toilets and picnic tables. Better than an hotel hey? I’m going to pack my stuff then, go to the pack to have a good breakfast and finally go to the library to charge my tablet and write my blog. When all this shore will be finished I will go in the city centre to find a free WiFi connection to update my blog if I can… See ya!

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