Glernochy, visit > Queenstown (72km, 4h45)

Wouhaooo! Today the weather is still beautiful. Who said it’s raining everyday around west coast? Maybe I’m so lucky and that’s a good thing :-) So, I don’t want to leave Glernochy without having a visit around! And to start, I discovered a loop track next to the village, nice :-)


Nice trail with the bike :-)


Marvellous landscape.

Even on the other side!

I like this conical mountain.

It’s the same one I took in picture yesterday evening :-)

Let’s have a further look. The conic mountain is on the left side now and it doesn’t look conic anymore…

Finally I’m on my way back to Glenorchy to get my stuff and then ride back to Queenstown. I’ve started visiting this area this morning.

I’m coming back to Queenstown now. Pigeon island is just front of me.

Pigeon island zoom :-)

Fiou! This road is so hilly! I’m happy to have reach this point because if I remember right, the rest should be easier. I hope!

It’s the same view as yesterday but it’s still wonderful :-) I was riding up here when a Chinese (I think) asked me if he could take a picture. Crazy Chinese people! :-)

The blue of this lake is so intense!

Hummm, I’m not so far to Queenstown now and I have time for an expressed shower :-)

A bit more energy to spend and I’ll be arrived, go!

Perfect day beside the lake :-)

Yah! I made it :-)

This time, I’m going to take pictures of the city.

There is some guy playing with a slack line! Mathieu told me many times about that and I’m still hesitated to buy one :-). There is some model around 800g, that’s nice for me! I will see…

Yes it is, Queenstown is THE city for bicycle :-)

One of the dangerous street for your wallet. So many shops, cafe and restaurants :-)

It’ getting dark and I still don’t know where I will sleep tonight… I should walk along the lake and have a look. I don’t want to come to the small beach where I was two days ago because it’s not really suitable for the bike.

The harbour with cafe, pubs and restaurants. Its hard to resist and fortunately I’m alone :-)

I let the food stuffs behind me okay?! Yes, it’s better like this.

The moon is rising just between the hills :-)

Warm colours :-)

There is something reminds me Alexandra in that landscape :-)

Ah and know it’s reminds me south east of France :-)

All along the coast there is hotels.

Warm mountain.

And that’s the biggest one I think…

But, now the landscape is more interesting.

The steamboat is coming back :-)

Hummm, interesting place… It’s the arriving of downhill mountain bikes but a panel indicates : no freedom camping. Sh**!

At least, I found a panel with all cycle tracks, nice :-) and I’ve seen another path going up to a perfect place for tonight. I’m going to come back later :-) There is always a place for free everywhere. We just have to open our eyes haha :-)

The moonshine is on the go!

Queenstown is constantly surrounded by this “thing”. It’s a restaurant but also a good viewpoint, a bungy jump platform and the departure for good tracks. I should go there before leave Queenstown.

It’s more realistic like this :-)

A last turn onto the harbour.

Ah, that’s the signal. It’s ten o’clock and it’s largely dark enough to reach my secret place for the night :-) good night!

4 thoughts on “Glernochy, visit > Queenstown (72km, 4h45)

  1. Tu as raison, tu devrais aller faire un tour à la station météo tout là haut ! Tu aiguises notre curiosité ! Lol.
    Quant à la comparaison avec la Côte d’Azur j’ai un peu de mal. Le paysage, d’accord, mais pour le taux de fréquentation tu repasseras ! Ça a l’air bien mieux à Queenstown qu’à Fréjus. Surtout avec toutes les cabanes à lapins qu’ils sont en train de construire tous azimuts !

  2. J’ai vérifié la traduction et en effet Google nous parlait de nourriture pour animaux, alors que sur le site de traduction que j’utilise ils parlent juste de nourriture. En fait, tu voulais dire que tu laissais les restaus et autres établissement de ravitaillement derrière toi, et google a traduit “nourriture pour animaux” ! Lol. je me demandais ce que ça voulait dire. Du coup, je lis en anglais maintenant, c’est plus sûr !

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