Queenstown > Glenorchy (44km, 3h30)

Fouaaah… I had a really good quiet night on the private beach :-) And the day starts with the sun, the water’s color is so clear! Looks so pure! Early this morning, it’s was raining and I think I won’t catch the boat today because I need one day to reach Mavora lakes and another one for The Anau. Between those points I will be surrounded only by mountains. So… I don’t know… It’s already 10am…


From the west (Queenstown) the weather looks okay.

But toward the east, it’s still raining…

Let’s have a large view and decide what should I do. Hein hein… Okay, I’ve got an idea :-) I’ve seen on the map which the i-site gave that there is another ferry on the other side of the lake. So I could ride around and visit in the same time. Then I will catch the second ferry to reach Walter Peak. That’s a go plan :-) Okay, let’s pack everything as fast as possible and move!

Fiou! The road between Queenstown and Glernochy seems hilly… I’m already tired! But the landscape is magic :-)

I’ve quitted the lake for a while but the countryside is still crazy! I like this place.

One of the best road I’ve ever ride, really.

180° panoramic view.

This lake Wakatipu is wonderful, what a sight! Tomorrow, I think I should continue cycling inside the valley. So cool :-)

I’m going until the end where there is the conic mount, I think… The island front of me is called “Pigeon island”.

It was hard to come to that top it I have a looong downhill now :-)

And that’s Glernochy village :-) really quiet place.

This building is a hotel, a restaurant, a cafe, a bar, the i-site, a backpacker and… That’s enough :-)

Okay, I’ve gotta little problem. I came to the i-site and asked if I could catch the second ferry to reach Walter Peak on the other side of the lake.
The guy answered me : “away no sorry but this boat doesn’t exist anymore since ages. This map is 10 years old”.
Me : “wh… What!”
The receptionist : “Yes I’m sorry and you are not the first one, you should complain”.
Me : “Rah shit, they could tell me before…”
Finally I’ve choosed to stay one night in his backpacker for 10$ and I will visit the place, at least. The guy came back with some sweets to be kind. Thanks, I appreciate :-)

My tent is setup so, let’s have a look around. The main street with one bar and one restaurant :-)

I’m continuing toward the Wakatipu lake and there is … An other café.

Behind me is taking place a really nice landscape with the lately sun shining onto the mountains.


… and zoom again. I like this one :-)


Reflective landscape :-). I could take more but that’s enough. I’m slowly getting more and more interested by this place.

On my left side there is some summit still warmed by the sunset.

OK, let’s continue toward the lake. I’m sure there is good pictures to catch :-)

These platform seems the place to be ready for the sunset.

The sun is now behind the mountains.

But it still touching those ones.

The ground has a nice reddish colour here. It reminds me “Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur” :-)

I like this place.

There is only the nature sounds ; birds, wind, mini waves…

The sky is impressive.

The clouds are catching different colours every minute.

The rays definitively disappeared.

And new colours again. This time it’s more like yellow and blue.


Portrait format with the water.

A good picture for a wallpaper on your computer (or my tablet ;-) The icons will be clear on the blur background.

The reddish colours are coming slowly :-)

The yellows are resisting…

But red win this round.

Ahaaah but blueish colours are still here and try to avoid the red team!

The rule is easy : water is stronger than fire :-)

You are alright guy, it’s time to leave and sleep.

I’m glad to came here finally because it’s one of the best place I’ve ever been in new Zealand.

The village remains quiet but there is life in these pubs.

Tomorrow, I’m going to visit around by bike but without my trailer. I’m allowed to let my heavy package in this place. One more beautiful day in NZ. Good night :-)

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  1. Photos de paysages magnifiques et commentateur sportif, pourquoi pas après tout ! La course des couleurs, en voilà tout un programme de coucher de soleil ! en tous cas, ça nous régale les yeux!
    Et tu es à quelle altitude là ? Les monts pelés prouvent que tu aurais dépassé les 2000 mètres. Me trompe-je ?

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