Lake Hayes > Queenstown (32km, 3h)

Fiou! This campsite was awesome! Perfect! Today I’m still gonna ride on the 1.000.000$ trail because it’s nice and so expensive haha :-) I will arrive this afternoon in Queenstown the city where it’s so easy to spend your money. I have to be careful and aware. I will see!


As I said upper, this campsite was really nice. I had a great night and I’m full of energy to reach Queenstown :-)

I’m following the trail beside the lake and it’s quite nice.

The lake is now behind me and I’m going to reach a river. But before I have to pass through that new district. Every house is so big and so new.


No highway, no cars, it’s nice :-)

Wide district picture.

I’ve finally reach the Kawarau River.

Passing some other bridges…

Bridge view.

And the trail continue :-)

I think I’ve seen Queenstown and I have time. A small break is appreciated :-)

Yes, looks like the city there.

The trail is now following the lake until I will arrive to the city centre. Isn’t that wonderful?

I like the landscape here. It’s hilly and green.

They should have sand for the beach! :-)

I’m hungry, it’s time for lunch.

On my left a photograph choosed that tree to take some wedding pictures. I’m not sure it’s the best place to have good pictures. And the women almost felt down haha :-) sorry…

Queenstown is spread onto several small peninsula and I’m actually onto one of them. It’s a park, the last one before the city centre.


I didn’t take any pictures of the city today but I’ve just found my spot for tonight. At the beginning, I wanted to cycle 12km more to reach a doc campsite but finally I found this place :-)

I was OK on the other side this afternoon.

That’s the famous steam boat that I should take tomorrow.

And this is my spot :-) I pinched my tent onto the gravel. If there is no wind to night I should sleep in peace. I have a private beach ;-)

My best installation ;-)

I’m situated at maybe 10 minute maximum from the city centre :-)

My last peace picture of the day, good night :-)

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  1. Après : je dors près de la voie ferrée, c’est : je dors sur les cailloux ! Décidément faut s’adapter au camping ! Lol

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