Clyde > Arrowtown > Lake Hayes (82km, 5h05)

Et c’est parti! After 5 days of work I’m back onto the road with motivation! I’m heading west toward Queenstown where I’m going to catch a steam boat. On my way I want to pass through Arrowtown and ride off road as often as possible. I’m gonna try my new saddle “Brooks B17 select”. I feel already better on that one than onto the original, it’s great, let’s go :-)


From Clyde to Arrowtown I must pass by the same road until Cromwell. After that, it will be a new adventure :-) So there is the dam that we pass with Charlotte, Mathieu and Léo 5 weeks ago.

Behind me, the landscape is still beautiful.

And the weather perfect.

About 25 km later I arrive to Cromwell.

Now, everything is new :-). It’s difficult to see it on this picture but there is some old gold mine entrance in Kawarau gorge.

I’ve just pass a tourist place where it’s possible to visit one of those mines I think.

This Kawarau gorge is really nice but there is a bit too much cars. In fact this is the only road from Clyde to go to Queenstown and this city attract many people.

Aaah, finally there is some green around :-) the area is getting less dry than Otago central region.

Rah, if the water temperature wasn’t 10 degrees I could have a swim…

I’m proud to show you a new effect with my camera. Few days ago, I realised that I could update the software of my camera and now it’s faster and I’ve got some new effect :-) it’s cool hey? (With the kiwi accent :-) normally we say : it’s cool, isn’t it?)

Normal wide picture. Less fun :-(

I’m now somewhere…

From this bridge, crazy people do bungy jumping 43m down in the river (in summer I think).

From here, if I follow my cycle book, there is a bicycle trail. I tried to take it earlier but it’s was to difficult and I didn’t want to damage my expensive chain.
I hesitated again and finally I’m gonna choose this way.

Yes, its me with my long annoying hair :-). I must buy a pair of scissors! I’m changing my tires just front of the entrance of the bungy building and everybody certainly think that I have many punctures haha :-)

Finally, after about 30 minutes I’m now on the trail.

And it’s much more fun than the road :-)

I’ve started beside the road it now I’m entering deeper in the nature.

Cool, a map. Arrowtown 8,8 km, easy :-)

So, I’m going to follow the river up to Arrowtown. There I will visit the place and then I will go down toward the lake to find a place for the night.

I was riding, doing some sightseeing around when suddenly I’ve seen an apple on the ground. I lifted the eyes and oooh, an apple trees with many fruit on it :-) that’s cool, let’s have break and catch some :-)

Almost all the apples of this only tree are rotten but I picked some quite good.

So, I’m continuing my visit on that wonderful trail. I’ve seen a panel about the project. They spent 1,000,000$ to build this trail! Whouah it’s lot’s of money!

I’m now riding along the river and Arrowtown is getting close.

Hey, this small village looks cute :-)

This is the main street and every building is wearing this old style. It’s really nice.

A small cute pack.

I really like this little perpendicular street :-) There is even a cinema somewhere!

I continue my progression in the main street and every building is well decorated, following the same style.

Another small perpendicular street with some shops and restaurants.

I’ve quited the main street for a while but I still can see it from here. Arrowtown is a small village with a huge charm.

Even the shop presentation is clean and design. Let’s have some closed pictures…

A motor bike :-)

A tractor or king of.

A firemen truck.

A sheep couple :-) fortunately it’s late and every shop is closed.

A gold shop. Hum, interesting.

A short break.

And this is the end of the main street :-)

Ah no, almost. A last one with a very cute restaurant.

I’ve turned around a bit more and then find a place with 30 minutes free WiFi :-) it’s time to leave this wonderful little city and reach lake Hayes. But before, a last picture of the main street by night this time :-)

After 20 minutes ride, the lake is finally here. I’ve just have to find a place.

And I found it! From the road I’ve seen many cars and camper van just next to the water. I just have to find which path reach that place.

That’s it, mission of the day accomplished :-) this place is perfect and so quiet, good night :-)

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  1. Ah les moutons … trop mignons, je parie que tu aurais craqué si le magasin avait été ouvert, c’est ça ? La ville ressemble à ces villes express qui poussaient comme des champignons aux States pendant la ruée vers l’or ! Une ville du far west !

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