Queenstown, Ben Lomond Peak with Florian (6h return, 1758m)

Ben Lomond Peak, we wanted to reach out yesterday with Florian but we were late. Our campsite is so quiet so it’s easy to stay in bed and be lazy until 9:30 :-). This time, today April 15th, we have the time and the motivation :-) So let’s go catch on of the best view of Queenstown and around!


The track starts next to the Gondola terminal. Up there, there is the restaurant and the tourist place. The view should be nice already :-) We could take the cable car but it’s 27 box for one person! (in NZ they kiwis say alawys “box” for ‘$’) To expensive, let’s walk…

So, we’ve started the trail about 10 minutes ago, it’s quite steep and it’s just the beginning! There is some “accrobranch” but it’s books closed.

We are already high but the view is not open yet. Patience :-)

Next to us, there is some MTB tracks (MounTain Bike) and I would love to try it. But, I think, I have to by a ticket for the cable car and maybe pay a bit more to carry my bike… Grrr! I will decide later.

Here we are :-). The platform with the restaurant is here. There is also luge race here and it’s look fun but it’s always a question of money… No worries were are here to walk not to spend box ;-)

The view is simply amazing from here and the race is placed perfectly front of it.


Camera effect! Mouai… Why not…

Look that colours!

On the other side of the restaurant they is the cable car for luge :-)

But once again, we are not here for that. Ben Lomond Peak is waiting for us. Yes it is just front of us!

We can’t see the restaurant anymore from here but the view is getting great :-)

Actually, we think Ben Lomond Peak is that summit but we are not sure. There is another one on our ride hand side but it looks lower. We will see.

Fiou! It’s steep! Florian, a small break please :-). Yes, Florian is come from Alpes so he knows what is a mountain and how to walk ;-)

This time, we are sure. That’s THE summit :-)

Large amazing view onto Wakatipu lake.

And a LAAARGE view including the Peak :-)

From here I’m wondering how we can reach that point. It’s looks impossible.

We have just arrived to the saddle (col in French). From here, we can : (1) Go downhill on the other side and make a big loop around the other summit to come back to the city centre. (2) Wait and see. (3) Continue toward the peak!

But already from here, the view is amazing :-). There is mountains behinds mountains behind mountains…

OK, let’s continue to the top!

The landscape is impressive :-)

Haaa, finally I’ve took a picture of the other summit. Almost on the middle of the picture there I the saddle. That’s the smooth green area were we were maybe 30 minutes ago.

And suddenly the top is here! 1758m! And we have started about 350m high. That’s a good climb and there is lot’s of tough guys here ;-)






To much hair…

Behind us.

Mountains surrounded by mountains.

It’s rocky!

And beautiful!

Ha, the lower summit again ;-)

120° view.

360° view!

After one hour spend to the summit, we are on our way down.


No transition. We are now between the restaurant and the lake again.

And here another part of the MTB tracks. Looks so cool!

We are getting close to the bottom.

Next to the campsite were we are, there is the arrival of the MTB track. And next to that, there is an old power station. The pipe certainly use to be connected to it so we are on the good way :-) And it’s the last picture for today. Ben Lomond Peak is terrible! :-) see ya!

7 thoughts on “Queenstown, Ben Lomond Peak with Florian (6h return, 1758m)

  1. C’est pas grave! T’es loin d’être le seul dans ce cas là. La plupart des gens n’ont pas envie d’entendre leur voix ! T’iras pas à “The Voice”, et puis c’est tout ! Lol

  2. Wouah superbe les photos de montagne. Avec le lac en contre bas c’est très joli.

    Par contre c’est normal que la date du post est le 30 Mars et que tu as fais cette rando le 15 Avril ?

    1. Landscapes are Amazing here :-). And that the trail of 30 march yes. I’ve done another one on 15th April. I know my blog is late…

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