Queenstown, Ferg Burger with Kirsten and Chris

Two days ago, I met two American cyclist on the place where we have our breakfast every morning with Florian since few days. It’s kind of a living room for us now ;-) It’s was around 6pm maybe and they were eating before reaching the doc campsite 12 km further. Hey but I know a good place for you guys and it’s just behind you ;-) This night we were 5 or 6 to sleep up there haha :-) But as usual the night was so quiet. Finally we continue seeing each other and on more time I’ve afroad some cyclist with my chain problem :-). So they decided to clean their own and I teach them all I knew. Oh it’s not a huge thing but it’s always useful to know :-) And for the lunch time, we’ve finally got a Ferg Burger, THE burger than everybody try when they visit Queenstown. And they are big and delicious hummm! Unfortunately Kirsten and Chris was a bit in hurry because they had to reach Dunedin in one week. It was a good meeting and funny cyclist :-) Thanks guy and see you later somewhere maybe :-) Ah, and I didn’t dare to take some pictures of us so I have to ask them if they have some. Chris? Kirsten? Are you okay? :-)

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