Queenstown, bloggy day

Today, I didn’t something really interesting. It’s an serious organised day because of… So, in this city, there is free WiFi, Cool! Thank you :-) But I’ve got not enough battery in my tablet to stay outside all the day and upload my videos and pictures or whatever. So, during the morning the mission is : charging the battery to the library because I can plug my tablet there for free but they don’t have WiFi. During that time I’m reading and then, when it’s full I go in the city centre to get a connection. After a while, I get cold and then I come back in my campsite to eat and sleep.
Then, the surprise of the day is this animal : an Hedgehog. I was in my tent when I heard something play guitar with the spokes of my wheels… What is that? I take my torch, unzip my tent and pass just the head outside to see what’s going on. Then, I see an Hedgehog with its head stuck in a kind of MacDonald’s paper glass. It couldn’t see where it was going but it could smell the food! So I took the bottle, not the head chuck (I’m not crazy) and I threw it away. And then, I’ve got a problem because of the weight of the animal I’ve just separated the glass from the cap. And now, this poor animal is destined to live with that wonderful necklace… In one hand it’s funny because he looks so ridiculous haha :-). Maybe it could receive the radio or even the satellite! No it’s not funny sorry… On the over hand this poor animal won’t survive for a long time maybe. At least, now it is a special one… Finally, good night :-)

2 thoughts on “Queenstown, bloggy day

  1. C’est pas cool de nous raconter ça ! Moi, j’ai de la peine ! Ne peux tu donc rien faire pour le sauver ? Appelle BB au moins !

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