Queenstown, last visiting day with Chih Chi

Few days ago I’ve got some news of Chih Chi and she was travelling on the west coast toward Queenstown. Finally we found a day to see each other again :-). We met in Napier in north island about three months ago. I’m glad to see you again :-)

The weather it’s a bit cold today but we can still walking outside visiting this small touristic city.

Looking for something to do we are now front of the Gondola cable car. There is a kind of small zoo but like every time it’s a bit expensive for our wallet.

Pictures are enough haha :-)

Then we came back on the track which goes to the restaurant. I wanted to come up to the top again but Chih Chi + walking on a steep slope = 2 :-). We get high enough to reach this woody chair sculpture. That’s good enough!

That’s a big chair!

The queen ;-)
We finally came back to the city centre, having a look around. We came back to the pack front of the harbour. That’s was a nice day. Next time I’m going to see you in Taiwan Chih Chi :-). Have a nice last week in NZ and see you one day!

3 thoughts on “Queenstown, last visiting day with Chih Chi

  1. J’ai du mal à suivre avec toutes ces petites nanas aux yeux bridés et aux noms bizarres (pour nous) ! Bon, si je comprends bien, Taiwan, le Japon, la Corée (du sud seulement j’espère!) on n’est pas prêts de te revoir! Faut vraiment que j’organise mon voyage en Australie, sinon dans quelques années je ne vais plus te reconnaitre. Entre la barbe et les cheveux,soit tu finis en Forest Gump, soit comme le héros de seul au monde ! En même temps, c’est le même ! Lol. Bon, je plaisante, tu le sais !

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