Queenstown > Mavora Lakes (60km, 4h20)

Hey, finally after one week spend in Queenstown I’ve catch the steamer boat toward Walter Peak. From there I’m going to cycle through the valley until Mavora Lakes. I’m going to test also my new camera :-) I bought a Gopro camera to make different movie style. It’s possible to attach it in many different place and it works even until 60 metres under the see! Cool!


Short movie!

I’ve got my boarding pass and the departure is imminent.

My bike is ready also.

The engine room.

The old style lounge is much more warm than every design today. I feel like I’m going travelling for a long time.

Always the same mountain.

The lounge room again.

For one time I seam happy…

Few days ago we were with Florian onto the top of that highest mountain.

After 45 minutes we arrived on the other side of the Wakatipu lake.

Walter Peak is a really small village. I don’t even know if it’s a village. It’s more a place for tourist.

And tourist are gone now. There is only sheep, lama and cows.

Let’s go visiting the valley :-)

The weather is wonderful and it will be certainly cold tonight but I enjoy so much now :-)


Hey that’s Glernochy again there with the conical mount :-)

I’m now riding in the valley beside the river.

Fiou, so beautiful colours!

Ah, that’s the biggest the slope of the day and after that the rest of the gravel should be nearly flat.

Yep, the most difficult section of the day is now behind me.

On my left side.

There is so much space here!

At least you could smile … :-)

My favourite picture of the day for sure! Good dynamic, contrast and colours.

I’m not so far to my final destination. This is the entrance of the pack.

South Mavora lake.

And north Mavora lake.

There is many camping area around but I found my spot. I’ve just have to unpack my stuff once again… See ya!

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