Mavora lakes, day off (13km, 1h10)

This night was raining and it still the same now. I’ve kept my food next to me this night so I don’t need to move outside :-) I hope the weather will be better in few hours… Fortunately I’ve got something to read : “20000 leagues under the sea” by Jules Vernes. I’ve started with “80 days around the world” and then “Travel to the centre of the earth” and now I’m reading a third one :-)


Aaah! Finally the rain stopped :-)

I’m not sure but I think that snow wasn’t there yesterday.

Getting better or not?

This side is okay…

This side was okay… The weather move very fast now.

That’s the direction I would like to go because it’s continued along the lake.

There is more snow up there. I understand why that night was cold :-)

It’s a bit cloudy, just a bit.

Golden grass :-)

Layers view.

OK, I come back to my tent to take my bike. It’s better than walking.

The landscape is very good here.

They is water every where and sometimes I have to ride around because it’s deep.

I’ve done already something like 6 or 7 km and this path is not easy.

Yep, this time no trailer at all. It’s mountain bike time!

This track is endless and it’s starts raining again. I should come back before become too wet.

The way back.

In the forest again.

It was raining and now it looks like it’s fine… This weather is crazy!

Finally I came back early to my campsite and I take time to wash my clothes and to cut my looking hair. It’s much better now :-)

The clouds look like they are stuck by the mountain and it’s a good thing for me :-)

I hope tomorrow will be fine because I would like to arrive in The Anau in time! Wenshan will be there :-) cool!

One thought on “Mavora lakes, day off (13km, 1h10)

  1. Eh bien en voilà une bonne solution ! Plus besoin de parler avec la musique ! Je suis juste étonnée de ce que tu as choisi, tes goûts changent visiblement ! Lol.

    Dis donc, on voit que tu vas vers l’automne, et l’hiver. Pluie, neige … brrr ! Sinon paysages magnifiques, comme d’hab’ !

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