Mavora lakes > Te Anau (81km, 4h15)

This night was cold, very cold. I was limit limit in my sleeping bag and I can feel the with the winter coming! I opened my tent this morning and : What a sky! So blue! My tent is covering by a thin layer of ice and I can’t find a way for reheat my fingers. Every two minutes I have to stop packing my stuff and make a break front of the sun because my hands are so cold!


I’m finally ready to ride and I wear everything I can :-)

This weather is splendid!


It’s almost 11 o’clock and it’s only 7,2° under the sun, shouuu!

I’m passing through the forest again to reach the main road that I quit 2 days ago.

And the temperature drops down to 3,9°! Brrr! Fortunately I’m moving and it’s good to breath fresh clean air :-)

I’m on the Mavora lakes road again surrounded by nothing else than sheep and nature.

This sky is so blue!

That’s certainly the snow of the preview last night.

Ouahooo, too much indication here. Te Anau, 45km, let’s go :-)

Finally I’ve reached the sealed road and I must change my tires, dry the tent, clean the chain and the fork, charge my solar power and eat.

Fiou! After 2 hours I’ve done all the things I wanted to. The longest part is to pump the tire until 6 bar. I can’t do that with my normal pump so I use the o e for my fork. It’s very small and I need something like 10 minutes for one, and I’ve got three tires!

Youhouuu :-) next mission of the day, find Wenshan :-)

That’s a good place here.

Front of me, the sounds. That’s a huge protected pack on the left bottom hand corner of south island. That’s why it’s not possible to turn all around NZ because of this. There is just a few roads but many tracks.

I’m continuing my visit around and I’m looking for my place for tonight as well :-). I like very much this picture, the colours are so Zen!

The Anau is a wonderful Zen small city. I’m really happy to have reached this point :-)

There is few houses now but all around there is a piece of land to buy. The light and electric system are working apparently and in few years it will be full of family here. Then, there is no more pictures for today. After my short visit, I came back the city centre. Fortunately, a laundromat/internet place was still open and Wenshan sent me an email with here temporary address. So I’ve been there and she was astonished to see me. But, she gave me her address! So it’s normal if I found her no? :-) I’m really happy to see her again after 3 months. We met in Napier like Chih Chi and we kept the contact during all these days :-) Now we are going to visiting Doubtful sound together and we will check the prices tomorrow. Milford sound is much more famous and there is much more people so, I think, it’s a good choice to go to Doubtful sound :-) And thank you Wenshan for the meal, it’s delicious like every time you cook :-) Explication: Wenshan is staying in a backpacker and I don’t want to pay 39$ for one night. She propose me something to eat so I was waiting outside during she was cooking. We chat together until 10pm maybe and then I went to the place I found this late afternoon. See you tomorrow morning Wenshan :-)