Sydney (Pyrmont), re-arranging the office space


The company is growing and Robb and Dave decided to organise the space differently and make the area more efficient than it is. Everyone is actually sitting in a row so we are going to change this and I proposed my help :-)


This is a good opportunity to clean around.


We try to create some space to be able to move the desk. This is Tetris!


Robb made a plan of the new organisation and we followed it halfway until we had new ideas. “Hey, we could move the fridge here maybe, or here would be good. Rah no it won’t work because we should move this there and that over there. Yes but if we move the fridge there and… rah! lost…”


Let’s move that heavy furniture before and then we will see.


The fridge might be in the right place now, maybe…


And even better like this.


okay so, now, the desks. We tried to put some against the wall but its not that good.


So this is the last idea and it seems to work fine.


Finally, after more than 2 hours we end up with a good solution! We got a new office :-)

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