Sydney (Glebe), cycling around


Another nice weekend full of sunshine take care of Sydney during winter (maybe not for long). I’ve got no choice than cycling around again and take some souvenirs of this city. This time I’m going to Glebe. it’s situated between Pyrmont and Newtown.


I always try to get in small tracks with less traffic and I think I the visit starts very well.


Welcome to the canal reserve, cool!


Looks like my home town haha :-) We have the same place in France!


This bridge other there is where the tram pass. I’m not sure…


And this is the end of Glebe (already) and the beginning of Rozelle bay.


You don’t see it but many people walk around and enjoy the sun. There is a path which follow the bay and this is where I’m going.


This is Anzac bridge and on the background the Harbour bridge.I used to behind the Harbour bridge and now I’m working behind the Anzac one next to the bunch of dark towers. On the right hand side, the Sydney tower which means the city center is not that far.


Robin told me that in Vietnam, they built the same bridge and I think same name as well.


Trying something artistic, well…


Nice cafe :-)


Even closer.


The end ;-) This is a good time to come back home before being wet, let’s go!

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  1. Les ponts à hauban. Il y en a plein dans le monde !! Au Vietnam et ailleurs ! En France nous avons notre célèbre viaduc de Millau et le pont de l’Iroise qui ressemble au tien !

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