Sydney (Paddington), reservoir


I’m today in Paddington to change the lens of my glasses. I must wait an hour so I decided to visit around. Paddington is, I think, a rich area. There is not any hight building, only houses. It’s situated on a hill, a perfect place to set up a Reservoir and supply water for a part of Sydney. Let’s have a look!


Unfortunately, this place is not in function anymore. Today, it’s a public garden.


Hey I was wrong, there is some water here, enough to supply… gold fish during one year.


Behind that door still remains a piece of the actual reservoir.


Nice entrance.


Well, it’s not completely authentic but we can definitively have a precise idea of how was build this reservoir.


This “park” is quite small and 40 minutes is far enough to visit the whole thing. My glasses might be ready very soon so let’s come back to the Optometrist.


Here is the main street passing through Paddington with all those colourful houses and shops.


A back street.


Another one where wealthy people live. Lot’s of big houses and expensive cars here.

This is it for today :-)

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  1. Bon, j’ai pas tout compris comment devait fonctionner ce fameux réservoir. Tu m’expliqueras à l’occasion ! Biz

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