Pukearuhe > whitecliffs walkway (loop)

Today could be a tough day or not. I’ve no idea if it’s possible to do that walkway or not but at least I will try. If a can’t pass it I will have to reach the main road again and take the “normal” way.

I’ve slept quite well this night except this morning when the cows came back to see what’s going on here. So curious!

I was sleeping down there last night and I’ve started pushing my bike already to reach the summit where I am now.

This land where I’m going to enter is owned by Ngati Tama.

I didn’t expected. Something like that… I thought I had to going up the first part and then cycle onto the top of the cliffs. But it’s looks very hilly. Hmmm, let’s continue and I will have a better idea of the “thing”.

At least there is a good view from here now.

OK… when I’ve seen those stairs I thought “what should I do now? Come back?  Continue? But maybe this is the last difficult part of the day. Finally I’ve separated my bike from the trailer and I walked down with the bike first. There I walked up to reach my trailer and I did the same thing again…. hard work!

From this panel I can continue the walkway or come back by the beach. Hmmm, interesting.

Roy nooo a swing bridge :'( My setup is already disassembled so I can try to continue.

Pff! I’ve walked up a bit and the track is getting steep, slippery and narrow. I have to give up it’s to hard :-(

And there is some big stairs like this. It’s pain in the ass with the trailer.

OK, let’s go back by the beach.

I come from this bush somewhere, crazy.

Ah, but I have another problem now : the tide. I have to waitw until it’s going down because now…

Almost two hours later…

I can start walking but the tide is not low enough to come back to the beginning.

Hmmm, interesting.

I have to wait a bit more so I can take a shower and wash my hair :-) nice!

Behind me…

Now it’s better and I just have to walk to the beginning. I’ve seen the departure yesterday so I know approximately where is it.

Fiou! Done! Walking on the sand with the bike is hard. And I must carried it on more time during this part. Now I must to clean my chain and eat something.

During I was cleaning my bike a guy with a quad stooped and we tchated. After a while he invited me to have a night in his house. I accepted :-) He told me “you will see, from here it’s the second house on the right side”. So it should be this one.

I was wrong it’s this one! He told me “the second house” but is it a house?  Looks like an hotel!

The kiwi’s specialty : they incite you and leave the place to come back later… why not :-)

I’m now alone here and Geordie offered me a beer. Then he left the house with his wife Carissa.

Whouaaa, this is really cool :-)

The terrace is huge!

Every evening they can enjoy this wonderful landscape. What a place!

I can see the first house where I came at the beginning. Geordie waved me and laughed : “Wrong place, one more hill” haha yes he was right… one more hill, fiou!

But I’m nit totally alone :-)

Tiger is my new friend. I’m trying to do something on my phone because Carissa gave me the WiFi code access but this little thing jump everywhere and eat every cables! Grr!

I arrived here around 3:30 pm and Carissa told me that they should be back in 2 hours. Finally they came back at 7pm. Fortunately between this time, the Carissa’s parents came home with there 3 grand children. In fact there is tow houses here. The left side for Geordie and Carissa and the other for the parents of the woman. But it’s there holiday house. They live 20 minutes from here lol. So I ate the dinner with the rest of the family waiting for the couple. They are nice and fun :-)

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