Pukearuhe > Awakino (67km, 4h20)

Today is a nice day and I’m going to continue my trip towards Auckland. I’ve plenty of time but as every time I prefer to anticipate. Geordie, Carissa and her family are really nice people and I had a good time yesterday night. Finally it was a good thing to not have crossed the “Whitecliffs walkway” yesterday and even more better because I’ve seen the cliffs! Maybe if I had continued onto the difficult track I couldn’t see the coast side. So this is two positive things :-)

And to start this day, Carissa offered me a big great breakfast with eggs on toast, home made fruit juice, toast with jam, chocolate and even pancakes made this morning by her mother. I’m so full! haha :-)

I’ve done the 11km back to join the main road. Then I’ve done 14km of easy road. I’m now front of the mount Messenger hill which is about 250m high. Let’s go!

Mount Messenger is done :-) I’m now on the other side almost closed to the sea.

The weather is still nice.

This is a village, all in one line.

Every house has a different colour.

Cooking time :-)  I’m hungry!

The view from where I am eating.

Maybe that’s the other side of the “Whitecliffs Walkway”. I didn’t see any panels.

And I continue my trip along the see. Finally this main road is nit as horrible as I expected. And many old stylich cars are passing each 5 minutes on the other side. This is even nice.

Panoramic coastal view :-)

I’m arriving soon to mokau where I expect to find toilets and a supermarket.

From the bridge.

From the top.

Short break :-)

It’s better with the sun.

I passed thought Mokau and it was so small! There was toilets but not any supermarket. I will check in the next village.

I couldn’t choose between the portrait it the landscape :-)

Awakino petrol station. This is the place where I have finally bought the food I needed but it was more expensive than a supermarket. At least I can live :-) 1 minute after the petrol station I found a place where to stay for the night. It’s quite and because tomorrow they announce rain I will be well protected here. See ya :-)

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  1. Le village aux maisons de toutes les couleurs, me rappellent Burano, une île au large de Venise. A Burano, ce sont les femmes qui ont décidé de peindre la façade de leur maison chacune d’une couleur différente car sinon elles se ressemblaient toutes, et quand leurs maris, saouls, rentraient la nuit ils se trompaient de maison, ne retrouvant plus la leur ! Lol. Sont-ce les mêmes raisons en NZ ?

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