Awakino > Waikawau (30km, 2h10)

That’s a cloudy morning but I have to move. When I looked at the weather forecast last time they announced rain for today. I expected to stay here the day but finally I prefer keep moving. I’ve cooked my lunch and dinner so I’m pretty ready. And if it’s start raining again I will find a spot and wait…


This secondary road is much quiet than the one I was riding yesterday. There is lots of bends and I’m following the river. It’s nice :-)

This is the river :-)

Larger view.

My last picture for today. After 2 hours riding the rain started again. I found a place next to the road. Every drivers could see me but there is nobody here haha :-) I’m still tired since New Plymouth when I didn’t sleep at night so I’m going to have a good nap. See ya.

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