New Plymouth > Pukearuhe (53km, 3h35)

Yes the sun came back and it’s a nice warm day :-) Today I’m going to reach the departure of the “whitecliffs walkway” I want to pass through that one tomorrow and avoid 30km of the main road. I want to stick as much as possible to the sea because the main road is going inland almost all the way until Auckland.  It’s maybe shorter but I have enough time to choose a side trip. Let’s go!


I didn’t start the walkway from where I wanted yesterday because I was looking for an electronic shop and was not on the same part of New Plymouth.
Anyway, Taranaki is still here ;-)

Yes it is!

I’ve found the thing I was looking for : a case for my phone to protected it against dust and water. I’ve reach a park now which is another entrance of the sea side walkway.

The Coastal Walkway sorry ;-)

And that’s the “Whale bridge”, modern and simple.

And nice!  :-)

This days starts well.

Taranaki?  OK.

I could take so many pictures of it. This mountain is marvellous and incridibly symmetry!

I love this kind of track :-D It’s so smooth and easy to ride! So cool!

I definitely New Plymouth behind me.


The Coastal Walkway is finshed and I’m going to join the main road again.

Yes, it’s nit the name atmosphere…

Taranaki, OK :-)

And a break at Urenui. Toilets, park and good view. This is a good place ;-)

This bay is nice.

And I’ve quit the main road again. I’m on an non exit road and there is 11km to reach the Whitecliffs walkway” Now I hope I can do this one because if not I will have to come back.

I’m so disappointed … I’ve failed maybe the most beautiful picture of Taranaki today … pff!

I can see the cliffs. I’m not so far :-)

It’s more difficult to film with my camera than the gopro but it’s in my bag and I’m lazy to open it.

The panel. There is no interdiction for cyclists. I must try it. But not today of course.

That’s a big hill.

Nice colours.

The sunset is starting now.

I’m taking care of my chain.

Oooh :-)

Wouhaaa :-)

Nice :-)

I love those orange colours.

Taranaki, still here :-)

This panoramic is nice ;-)

Curious cows like often.


They are coming slowly one after another to see what’s happening here.


And I continue my way towards the track. I want to sleep in the field up hill.

The presentation picture of the day :-)

Behind me. Taranaki? Finished?  Oh no…

Ouuuh, this is the end of the day.

Pure sunset.

Aaah :-D

Auckland is somewhere far away to this direction.

Hello :-)

I’ve passed the first door of the track end I’m now in a field with cows. They are following me but I want to be quiet!


The tent is pitched, the sun is sleeping, I’ve moved the cows. Everything is alright :-)

It’s time to eat!

I’m not sure but maybe it’s New Plymouth over there. There is no clouds and the sky is full of stars. It’s wonderful here now :-) good night. Tomorrow. Is gonna be a big day.

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