New Plymouth, day off

Today I’m going to have a one more day off. It’s still raining and so windy. This is the worst part. I thought this king of weather was only seen in Wellington! I’ve got something to do in the city so I don’t feel I will waist my time here. And. I have to find another place where to stay tonight because the last one…

Pfouuu! Crazy night!! I didn’t sleep… I couldn’t! The wind was so strong! It was shacked from every sides! I was maintaining my tent with my legs during all the night and if I hadn’t handled it I think I wouldn’t have any more tent now. This day will be difficult …


Front of me and that beautiful grey sky this is a sculpture. It’s a long tall soft pipe with a red light at the end which moves slowly by the wind.

Here this is a paint made by another artist. It’s nice :-)

I went up from the city centre towards the main park. Here there is plenty of grass and I should find a good place for tonight. But I need a good wind shelter this time!

In summer I think it’s. Nice to watch a match from here.

Panoramic view…

I’ve crossed the kind of forest by the top and found another entrance. There is playground, toilets and behind the house my place for tonight. This part is done :-)

The raceway. It’s still very windy here!

Windy video part 1!

Windy video part 2!

Taranaki is still here, dominating everything :-)

I’m now coming down to the city center and try to remember how to come back tonight. This is Gover street.

Because it’s raining, windy, cold and grey I’ve bought some sweets. Now I feel better :-)

And hop, the city centre again with all the shops and tentation. I could eat everything! I miss Japanese food!

I’ve let behind me the tentation place and I’m reaching the sea again where I slept tonight.

Out of subject but this is the kind of big truck we can see on the new Zealand roads. They have a trailer like me, just a bit bigger and heavier haha :-)

Hey, I recognise this sculpture the loop is looped!

There is a walkway along the coast and it’s available for cyclist. Tomorrow morning I’m going this way. It will be good to avoid as much as possible the main road.

Yes it’s nice :-) I would like to come here in the middle of summer. It’s certainly a nice city where to live.

This is the information centre and it’s linked to the library where I am going to. I have to update my blog and continue preparing my Australian trip :-) Then I will reach my tent site for the night and have a real long night this time! I need to sleep…

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  1. C’est fini oui de te gaver de produits chimiques avec tes bonbons de toutes les couleurs ! Lol
    La peinture sur la façade de la maison me fait penser à quelque chose. Je t’envoie la photo !

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