Oparau > Kawhia > Te Mata (56km, 4h15)

Today I’m gonna to visit Kawhia at least. On my map I’ve seen they is a natural hot pools next to the beach. If I could find it, it should be great. It will be a kind of shower :-) Then I will decide if I continue travelling towards Raglan or if I stay in Kawhia for a night.


The garagist yesterday told me that after the junction (where I slept tonight) it was a long downhill and then flat until Kawhia. Do not trust drivers! They always say it’s flat when it’s not… now it’s flat but I passed already few small hills and they are certainly not the last one.

Fiou! It wasn’t hard but I was psychologicaly prepaired for a flat road.

This village is situated onto a peninsula. Later or tomorrow, I will have to come back few kilometers to take the road towards Raglan.

Nice :-)

I’m now onto “ocean beach road” and I expect to find the natural hot springs. A woman told me that now the tide is too highroad so it will be covered. I want to see that with my own eyes.

I let my bike on the carpark on I’m crossing the sandy hill to reach the ocean.


Yeh :-) Good view!


The forest, the hill and then the beach.

But no hot springs…

It looks like low tide but the woman is right. I should wait until tonight but I didn’t see any good place to camp and there is panel everywhere to remind people that is forbidden to camp in this area.


At least the landscape is wonderful.

So I’m going back to Kawhia and have my lunch.I’m hungry!

On the right side there is a park with toilets and water. Perfect :-)

And benches with Maori sculptures :-)

Fiou! I’m full and finally motivated to start my trip towards Raglan. I’ve decided to have one day off there.

I know I have something like 20km of gravel road. I would like to do this part today and keep the best one for tomorrow.

In a middle of nowhere.

This road is hilly but I enjoy some good point of view :-)

And one more valley.

Larger view.

Just for the atmosphere.

9 minutes later.

Hehe :-) 21km of gravel. The garagist was more precise this time :-)

Finally I’m continuing cycling a bit more. I want to find a place onto the summit.


The top of this one could be nice!


Hey :-)

Yellowish cows.

Huge landscape!

I love this kind of warm light.

I found my summit! But I should Pichot my tent as fast as possible because in “rainbow” there is the word “rain”…

I would like to know the name of this mountain. There is certainly a Maori story about it :-)

And the last panoramic view before I enter in my tent to have a good night :-)