Te Mata > Raglan (21km, 1h10)

7:16 am, I’ve got only 25km maximum to reach Raglan and if I arrive early I will pitch my tent in a campsite around 10 o’clock and then I will have all the day to enjoy. Plus a day off tomorrow, yes, good choice :-)


Raglan (no transition) I was riding fast this morning because most of the time It wwas downhill. I was thinking to arrive soon and it’s only 9:30am now. Good timing ;-)

I’m looking for the campsite now.

There is a harbour and I’m turning around following the campsite panels.

Wonderful weather :-)

Oh yes

Aaah I found it. The people are really nice here.

This campsite is right next to the beach.

No so much activity here.

My place :-)

Raglan is small and a famous surfing place. Maybe because it’s close to Auckland. From the campsite we can reach the city centre by walk in five minutes.

Here we are, the city centre :-)

Another angle view.

I want to eat Asian food :-) yes sushi!

OK, sushi was too expensive but I found something else. Teriyaki chicken with rice, hmmm nice :-)

I’be spent some times in the library as well and in the supermarket to buy yeast and flour to make bread. It was so nice this morning and now… Anyway, I’m going to cook this afternoon…

2 thoughts on “Te Mata > Raglan (21km, 1h10)

  1. Et tu peux faire du pain en étant au camping ? Tu as le droit d’aller bricoler dans la cuisine ? C’est cool !

    Les couleurs sont vraiment lumineuses sur ces photos ! On ne croirait pas que l’hiver est si proche !

    1. Oui en faite il y avait 2 cuisines donc une plus loin équipée plus comme une vraie cuisine. J’en ai bien profité :-)

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