Opape, rainy day off

That’s not a surprise, the rain is come back and that’s sure I won’t go anywhere today… this picture doesn’t represent the reality because I took it when the storm gone. I wanted to take a picture when it was rainy (to remember that wonderful moment) but I had forgotten my battery in my tent and it’s was so a long way (50m) to come back and pick it up.

So, that’s the shorter visit of a camp : the part of the toilet/shower bloc. That’s it, is finish. I don’t know why I’ve took only this picture.
The quality of the mirror shows the quality of the camp : destroyed but still working. I don’t care, that’s suits me.

For the rest you will have to imagine and I will try to remember myself in few years :-)
The kitchen is a room with three walls, so it open. Fortunately the orientation is good against the wind so I can stay there and wait…
All the equipment here is “rouillé” but yes, still working. The fridge smelt strange because it was close and turned off, bad idea… I didn’t put my food in it. And on the outside, the “rouille” cover the door.

In the camp, the guy are working, even by a bloody bad weather like today. I was still in the kitchen, sitting onto a bucket (no chairs here) playing games on my tablet (I should read I know) when one of the guy came and proposed me to rest in one of the little caravan if I wanted. He certainly had pity for me when he has seen my tent completely wet :-). That’s right, there is a little bit of water inside this time but I’m a warrior! I do not need a five star shelter haha :-)

Finally it rained all the day but normally tomorrow I can continue.
I hope!

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