Opape > Papatea Bay (87km, 5h05)

Today the weather is better for a cyclist like me :-) so I’m continuing turning around New Zealand and Gisborne region precisely. There is no mobile coverage here and it’s better for me. Maybe I will arrive to disconnect myself this time :-) maybe…


Ready to go, ready to ride. The last thing I need, open my eyes haha! Rah! I’m still tired. I woke up at 7:10 am this morning to be sure I will cycling with no rain.

Nobody here, sometimes a car or two. The only noise, the ocean.

That’s a new piece of road. The old one was one the other side of the this rocky mountain. It’s an impressive job how they cut the nature like this.

I’m going down from the biggest hill I’ve done until now. On the top, I had a break and I met another traveller like me :-). But he was going on the other way. Poor on him because he is riding against the wind. I don’t know how but this guy is travelling so lightly. Or maybe that’s me I’m carrying my apartment… he has four little bags of 10 litres maybe and how “matelas” up to the back packs. My yellow bag could contain all his stuff but where his the rest? I need to improve this part because I certainly too heavy. I could leave my jeans, the new pullover I bought in Kerikeri, my swim boxer and hat because I’ve never use them. So, a total of 2,5 kilos maybe. Ah, and my heavy gum boots as well but I’m sure if I leave them now, in one weeks I will need it. So, 4 kilos with the gumboots and… I’ve still many things with me.
Another solution, I don’t carry any food and buy it along my way. I could be the solution to reach the same packing size as this man but it,s more expensive. Rah! I do not know… I have completely forgot the picture :-). Heuuu… the view! (Not enough). The view on the river!… with a bridge… and trees around. Fiou! So interesting :-)

And on the left side, there is still the river and the pacific ocean on the background.

Ah, this picture shows all the way down I’ve done without any effort :-)
Yep :-) The long line in the mountain.

Almost from the same place but this time : the wild beach.

There is like a camp there and some people are playing table tennis. I should go there and bet a winning game against a free night :-)

My “guide des frogs” book says it’s the last shop until Gisborne. I have to be sure I will have enough food for the next three days.

Out of the story but I have a little problem with my phone. Yesterday, I’ve let it in my tent during the storm and now it’s full of moisture. I’m trying to dry it with the sun but it’s not done yet. I don’t want to buy another one! I need it 8 years more :-)

Everyday sandwiches, it’s good to change sometimes :-)

After a fat break, let’s continue!

This is “Te Haka” :-)

And its Marae. There is one in every village or town here. Most of the people are Maori.

I like this garden, the wall is so useful :-)

Kiwi fruit! The leaves are growing and march will be the picking season :-) miam!

I was wondering why my picture is so dark. The sand is black, that’s a part of the answer.

I’m going up and the landscape is getting more and more beautiful!

Welcome Pacific ocean :-)

So green everywhere.

Ah, that’s my goal for today (in 300m) but I think I will continue. I still have energy after 70km. I eat so well this morning :-) I will verify the price, under 8$ I stay there.

12$, bye bye :-) too expensive for me.

Wouhaou :-)

A little come back in the countryside. It’s so quiet here. And I still have the wind in my back so I don’t have any annoying wind noise in my ears, that’s cool.

Kiwi kiwi :-)

Usually I don’t take pictures of church but this one is great, so white, clean. And the place, right on the beach!

Since few minutes, I’m wandering where I could set up my tent for free… after a look to my map, the point front of me is “cape runaway” and it could be a good place to stay this might. There is a track there, I can try and I will see…

Ah no, I can go farther because there is a stream. I can ask to somebody if there is no problem if I stay here. This time I’m getting tired.

This house look nice and quiet, I can try :-)

The plan as changed. I asked if I could set up my tent next to the ocean and the woman started directly to find a place for me in her garden :-) here I will be more protected of the wind. Cool!

After I set up my tent, she proposed me a cup of tea, thanks :-) She is living with her son, in his house. She used to be a nurse in Auckland but she moved here 8 years ago. Her son has a kiwi exploitation and they both ate really cool :-) Now I’ve came back in my tent to write my diary, eat my cold pasta I cooked yesterday and have a good sleep :-) Good day!

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  1. If I must choose one picture into all these, that will be the river and the ocean !
    You go to make a reserve to “vitamine C” with all kiwis soon !

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