Papatea Bay > East Cape (81km, 4h55)

Today, I should reach another end point of New Zealand, the East cape! There is a light house (normal) and I hope I could go next to it like Cape Reinga :-)

This map is wrong because I went to the east east east of it :-)

I’ve had a really quiet night this night behind the house :-). This morning, as usually, I ate my breakfast in my tent end then start to pack all my stuff. The man has quitted the house already to go to work so I didn’t see him and the woman forget I was in her garden haha :-) . She went outside to dry her laundry when she saw me. “Ah, good morning, I’ve forgotten you were here, sorry”.
So, I’m now having my bottom onto the saddle and I’m heading toward the east. The pacific ocean is just behind this mountain but there is no road to continue along the coast.

This day is beautiful and warm (around 25°). Maybe spring is now arrived… I hope! This valley is great and I still have the wind in my back :-)

I’m deeper and deeper in the Maori region and on the east coast of north island as well.

Until now, the road is flat and there is only few cars here. Nature is present everywhere :-)

This lamb was dreaming about adventure and now it is stuck outside the fence without his mum, poor baby! But for one time I can take a picture of it because he can’t hide himself behind his mum.

Some cool horses eating peacefully along the road or where they want :-)

It’s seams that, after 50km, I’m finally reaching the coast.

This little place is oerfect to have a break…

… and eat a sandwich :-)

The holidays are finished, it’s time to come back to school!

Let’s continue! I have 34km to do today. I quite Hicks Bay for the next one.

Ah no, it’s not a bay but a huge beach. Te Araroa is on the end of it. And, of the left hand side, it’s certainly East Cape :-) hey! I will be there soon :-)

I proud of this picture, it’s dynamic! I’ve ride parallel to the beach in the valley and I’m getting closer to Te Araroa, the last city of the east. The East Cape is now situated behind these mountains but I’m going to turn around, fortunately!

The police station is on the left side of the road and the crowded city centre is front of me :-)

I like the colours of this house.

That was Te Araroa and I have now 20km to do to reach my daily goal. I’m going to come back tomorrow because there is only one way.

And the gravel road is coming back! Aie aie aie!

Out! Only 5km of gravel and I’m now on a lovely little road along the coast :-)

There nothing human here. 99% nature for 1% of road.

OK, there is a panel but where is the village?

I think I can see the end from here.

With a closer look… yes it look that there is the East CE there. I’m coming!

A little break because there is a campsite here, the only one. But it doesn’t look good…

The view is good!

But the camp… it’s totally smashed and it’s 11.5$ the first night! The first cabin are the toilet… very easy to use… Are they crazy? I won’t pay for that thing! And it’s too far from the East Cape because I would like to see the sunrise tomorrow morning. No, I don’t want stopping here.

So, I’m continuing my trip toward the end and I will see where I can sleep there. Now, there is cows everywhere. There is fence on the both sides of the road but the animals pass through the lines.

When I approach, they start moving. They are so afroad of me. Silly cows. I just want to take a picture!

After the cows, the last part to reach the Cape.

Ah no it’s not the end yet! It’s getting long and this gravel road… is shaky! But I can see the lighthouse there, on the top of the hill :-)

Yes, there! Heu… by bike? To the top? No nooo, I’m not sure!

Wild horses :-)

That’s a “cul de sac” here and I don’t know how to go to the top. Here, I met a Korean family who they ask me where was the entrance to visit the lighthouse. “I have no idea! I’m a tourist like you :-)”. Later, a French couple came in a van to visit the place. Jennifer and Samuel,very cool people from Lyon. There are visiting NZ since 8 month now and show me many places where to go or not to :-).

Finally i found the entrance. We have to enter in a private property to join the beginning of the track.

700 steps to reach the top!

Yes, 700 :-)

657, 658, 659, 660, 661… almost almost!

And 700! Here I am :-)


It’s almost the same lighthouse like in cape Reinga, I have to compare it with my old pictures.

Wonderful pacific view!

Almost on the middle of the image there is a carpark and this is the end off the road. I think I will say there for the night. And, at least there is toilets, no like the campsite I’ve seen before. And it’s free :-)

There east coast and my next direction :-)

180° panoramic view.

Almost 360° panoramic view :-)

Inside the bottom of the lighthouse, there is the old light which works for 22 years.

And this is my place for tonight :-). When I came back here, I’ve met an Italian couple, Laura and Andrei. There are travelling around the world! That’s cool and I want to do the same now :-) they were in Canada, United States, South America, now New Zealand and they planned to go in Asia. Roh! Great! :-) good luck! We took a “rendezvous” and work together later in an Italian restaurant somewhere in NZ :-). Haha :-). We never know, maybe it will really happened!

My tent is set up… front of the toilet :-).

It’s really, really quiet here. It’s like I will sleep on the end of the world, the east of the east (of the European map). I don’t have any coverage and since few days I can’t check or write any email, I don’t know why but …

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