Ohope > Opape (75km, 4h10)

Today I’m going to Opotiki, the last town where I could choose riding through the gorge or all around the east of the north island. My choice is already done but I will have a look the the gorge if it’s not so far.


I’ve quit Ohope view minutes ago and I’m now turning around the harbour. There, there is some oyster culture and we can buy directly the product here.

In the valley hoo hooo lalali lalilalaaa :-)

The river! I didn’t find the name…

There is a series of blurred pictures… I took them to fast without verify and now, rah now it’s chit! But that’s the part of the trip…:-)
I finally search seriously the name of this famous island present so often in the landscape : Moutohora island, the blur island… haha

And hop both blur pictures in the same time and it’s finished. It’s pain for the eyes isn’t it? I’m not proud…
So, here, there is some courageous people already in the water. And the game is “to surf pulled by a quad”. That’s cool, but not as natural as the landscape.

Yep, that’s it, I’ve reach the pacific ocean :-) that was a long time ago I didn’t see it :-). More than two weeks I think.

For my letter box collection : The “rider’s box” :-).

Some more holiday houses front of the ocean.

Two wonderful Maori sculpture and seabird doesn’t respect them because they shit on it!

Arrived in Opotiki after only 40km. I need to eat something!

I’ve passed through the centre and I’m looking for a good place for lunch.

Ah, I think I’ve found my place :-) I would have preferred a bench + table but I didn’t find it. This place is good :-)

Now, direction the gorge. I’m going to cycle 10 km and I will come back. I just want to see it but I have to go to the camp after that. 70km for today should be enough.

This road is so straight, it’s like i’m not moving and I’ve already done 5km.

9km, the entrance of the gorge is here.

Oh no sorry, here!

I’ve reach my kilometres’ limit and this it the view. OK… I expected something higher with vertical rocky walls but I certainly should continue a bit to see that.

But it’s time to come back. And clouds are coming back! Grr!

The same trees as before but on the other side. Very, VERY interesting… :-) . There is something I didn’t notice on my way to the gorge, the wind was in my back… no now any more… it’s not funny!

Fiou! I’ve reach the camp finally. I’m definitely turning all around the Gisborne region. This place is cool and front of the ocean for 10$ only.

After a good nap I’m going to the beach and eat something. A little door to open and hop! The beach is right there :-)


I tripod is break… is it visible?

Moutohora island is getting smaller and smaller but till there :-) Tomorrow, I will certainly stay here because … surprise! The rain is coming! Youhouu! I’m so happy :-( Tiousse!

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  1. Hello Dam,

    Une seule photo floue et te voilĂ  catastrophĂ© … et largement pardonnĂ©, les autres sont tellement belles !

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