Ohope, Whakatane, sunny day off

This picture is perfect to represent these two little town. There is color everywhere, many flowers and it’s sunny today! That’s genial! But, I don’t know, I have a strange feeling today. I feel alone and a bit sad.

That the landscape I’ve discovered when I’ve opened my tent this morning :-) :-) :-) cool!

As a man told me few second ago, this is a good spot for a breakfast. Oh yes it is!

I’m full and ready to visit around. My first goal is to go to the end of the Ohope peninsula to see how it looks there.

The far end is a reserve so nature and protected birds are accepted.

The end. Just behind the mountains there is Opotiki, my next destination normally. But I will have to turn around this time because there isn’t any ferry :-)

The sun is here! Aaaaah I love that and I can’t see now…

I wanted to stay on the beach of the end but it was to windy. And with the sand it’s not so cool. On my way back, I’m riding along the golf course. That’s a good spot as well to play.

That’s so beautiful. I don’t know where to look because all is so wonderful today.

I always like the design style of the houses in New Zealand. There are every time different from each over but all together is a great mix of design and colours.

Old wood letter box. One more :-)

Behind that letter box, there is strange black flowers, but always beautiful.

The very short pink flowers series.

After a 2 hours break looking for the courage to go to Whakatane, I’m finally on the hill.

And after 20min I’ve reached the city centre of Whakatane where I’m going to buy my second chain… I didn’t know I should buy one new chain every six weeks… expensive stuff!

The view of the marina.

Whakatane garden :-)

Whagatane garden is on my right and the marina front of the walkway. This city is really cute.

Hey, that’s the same king of train I’ve seen in Thames. I would like to see it work ink at least ones.

On my left, always the same island. It’s hard to be lost with it.

The Whakatane’s riders :-)

My last picture of this beautiful day. I like this city :-)

One thought on “Ohope, Whakatane, sunny day off

  1. Houlà Damien, la journée commençait mal! J’espère que ton coup de blues s’est évaporé avec tes visites de la journée. Les maisons sont vraiment très sympas. On a l’impression de visiter plusieurs pays, vu que les styles sont mélangés. Ca ne risque pas de se passer ainsi en France, d’une part c’est très réglementé, et d’autre part les gens feraient n’importe quoi je parie ! lol.

    Gros bisous, courage !

    PS : c’est pour quand le woofing ?

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