Rotorua > Ohope (97km, 4h35)

That’s the longest travel I’ve done until now and I made another speed record as well! 75,8 km/h!! But always in safety, without any car or truck around, sure! I’m not crazy.


I’ve quit Rotorua quite late today but I have lots of energy to spend and I know, at least, I will more go down than up because Ohope is next to the see and Rotorua 330m above. Between theses two cities there is 3 lakes so I will follow the water.

20km and first stop (the preview picture is in the same place). I’ve done this part in one hour :-)

10 km later, another little break just next to the second or three lake. But there is something wrong here, isn’t it? To much water maybe?

Aahhh finally I have the opportunity taking a picture of that wood truck. Since I’m travelling here I’ve seen maybe 100 trucks like this one. Kiwis like wood that’s sure!

Wouhaou! These sculptures are wonderful!

I can’t stop taking pictures of all that great houses. Always with a super view on the lake, the valley or the ocean.

And I turn around the lake…

Hey, that’s my friend the railway :-) yes I’m sure of that because there is only one line :-) or maybe two…

I should find the name of this old volcano. It’s certainly a volcano :-)

After the lakes, I passed onto a hill and have a great slope of 150m. But now it’s flat, not hilly and green :-)

63km and another break. This wall goes out directly from “Asterix et Obelix” haha or Disneyland :-)

77km and I’m now front of the doors of Whakatane. This town looks cute :-)

Yes, definitely I like this place. It’s not so big, there is many little different shops, flower and nature everywhere. That’s cute.

But my trip is not finish yet and the woman in a cycle shop told me that I have to passed a couple of hills to join Ohope. Rah! I thought it was flat everywhere now but no no no…

Ouf! Finally on the other side and front of the beach. It’s wonderful here as well :-)

On the left side, where I’m going, it’s a peninsula and there is normally two campsites. The first one is the cheapest one.

I’ve changed my mind. I didn’t find the first one and somebody told me that a camp used to exist… I sure that was the one I’m looking for and I’m sure as well the second camp is quite expensive… I should find a free place somewhere here I think.
just behind that little hill there is the ocean :-)

Left view, fiou!

Right view, ouch! Solo wonderful!
There is some toilet behind me but it’s not a good place to camp. And there is some panel with “no camping” signs… rah!

I’m arriving almost at the end of the peninsula and it’s really thing because the ocean is there…

… and the river just here. So, the houses on the middle are for rich people :-)

And I think I’he found my free place for tonight haha!

And the view!

The VIEW!! Perfect!

97km! Pfiou! I can’t believe it.

I need to eat, now! Cold rice + cold spicy tuna = hmmm!

And with sunset just front of me… wouhaaa

The view from the WARF.

I can’t stop to take picture of that beautiful colours…

I like this one :-)

With the pinky clouds :-)

The lucky picture!

And the last picture of the day. Foua! Good crazy day!

2 thoughts on “Rotorua > Ohope (97km, 4h35)

  1. Salut damdam

    its good to see u still alive XD

    what a beautiful place new zealand u lucky bastard !

    I got a little problem with ur dear computer because the hard discs didnt work anymore, but dont worry i had it repaired.
    As consequence the old datas are lost i hope u dont mad at me,and the 4 discs are no longer 2-2 ,they are separet and work individually.

    Otherwise everything is fine in paris ,always try to survive,and i just succeed my BTS and im now moving on to an L3 of international marketing.

    Send me an email tell me about ur miserable life there ^^


  2. Hello Damien,

    Les couchers de soleil sont superbes, et ils prouvent au moins qu’il est revenu. Les sculptures sont aussi de toute beauté!
    Bonne continuation.
    Gros bisous, take care!

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