Newtown, Second street art tour with Wendy


Today we are back to the street with Wendy to shot more Street art around Newtown. Then we will have to do some Photoshop work because sometimes the walls are so big that even the wide angle camera lens is not enough.


And we start with this wall, very long.

Stitch Green - small

The Photoshop result is not perfect but the car is gone ;-)

Stitch DCA - small

Another long wall. This is called a “Production” because (if I remember the lesson) it was created by a crew, a team.

Stitch Head - small

I don’t really like the flamish illustration but the woman face is well done and catch the eyes.


This kind of Graff is called “Roller” because the guys use a “roller brush” with a long handle to paint. There are not the most esthetic one.

Stitch Park - small

The left piece is really graphic, I like that.


This is the end of a very long wall. But it was too dark to take nice shots so I just keep the end.


Some stickers on the street.


And more. Sometimes, the street artists do some “stickers battle”. One put a sticker and somebody else come and ” Slap” him. Them the first guy come back and put another of his sticker onto the top. There is no end… ;-)


The bottom one belongs to the guys who did the “Roller” previously. This was the second Graff’s tour. Maybe more is coming. I like because I’m looking actually for a web design job and I feel I’m in the right environment. It motivates me!

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