Newtown, street art tour with Wendy


A friend of Robin, Wendy, who lives somewhere else comes regularly to Sydney and she stays in Newtown. She is a street artist and today we are going to take some pictures of the best “pieces” around Newtown. This is very interesting because she knows who did this, who did that and the different crews.


Different styles and always very precise.


Abstract one.


Aboriginal art as well.


Dynamic stuff!


This one I remember the artist’s name : Jumbo and Civil.


Nice range of colors. Actually they sign their creation ;-)


We often see those stickers in big cities. They are positioned carefully with purpose. In fact, the suburbs have different rules about the streets and some council clean them regularly. But in that case, this “box” is owned by a company and the council can’t touch it. That’s why street artist use those.


Very nice this one. When you know that one bottle spray is about 15$… Ouch! This is expensive.


Through Graff’s we can travel as well!

Stitch Teazer Peque King - small

This wall used to be bigger but a recent owner installed some windows.


And we are walking around Newtown.


There is a lots of these kind of old fashion houses around.


Sometimes like now, it’s difficult to take a nice picture because of the cars. We might come back later and expect that the cars won’t be here anymore.


This on is strange. Mainly all those Street art are “official”. The council has got a range of wall around where artist are allowed to paint on and Wendy is here to reference them.


This one for example is on a wrong spot. The artist might paint very fast.


Wendy told us many informations about this one but I don’t remember anything. I consider this piece more as a symbol.


And the last one of the day. Very dynamic! The 3D effect is very well done as well.

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