Newtown, third street art tour by myselft


Wendy left Sydney for few days and asked me if I could have a look to one of the place we shot yesterday. There was too much cars and the Photoshop work becomes painful. I don’t really know how works this camera but I will try. Let’s go!


Back to the street again. I really enjoy this : I know the result and from scratch I’m going out to take the picture and then I will stitch the pictures together with Photoshop to finalize the job. I’m doing all the process and this is why it’s interesting.


As usual, there is some cute houses around.


This is the first serie of pictures I need to have a good view of this street art. An under exposed one to get the sky. A normal one and some close up to be able to erase the car.

Stitch Amazing Circus - small

The car is an old nightmare now, Photoshop was stronger ;-)


I decided to come and see if that wall was bared today but the bloody Telstra car is still here. Fortunately, this is the only car so I give it a go.
Stitch Hokasai - small

This street art is really nice with many details and even an historical reference in it : the wave on the left side is called “The great wave off Kanagawa” print by Japanese artist Hokusai between 1830 and 1833. This wave inspire many artists and even the brand Quicksilver’s for its logo. Interesting isn’t it? I would not believe that before. Thank you so much Wendy!

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