Napier, one more visit arround the city

Today I’m going to cook some croissant for the second time but before I have to buy some butter, plenty of butter… It’s the occasion to have another turn around and take some other city pictures. Max, I’ve just finished to call you. I can’t be faster as this :-)

Maxime wanted to see the “normal” city. A roundabout is okay? :-)

I’m going to PAK’nSAVE (= Leader Price)

It’s difficult to mist this shop… So yellow!

Usually PAK’nSAVE design is more cubic but this one has a “Art Deco” style.

And there is Burger King, Macdo…

… and KFC sure!

And behing me, this is Countdown (= E.Leclerc / Casino).

And hop, I still walking around and this is the big hill of Napier.

At the end of this street there is the first action. I’ve taken the picture already.

I’m continuing toward the ocean and there is a carpark. The main street is behind that.

“Art Deco” style travel agency.

The main street closed but I’m coming back to the backpacker to make my croissants :-)

One the right side, this is Telecom (= Orange) and they are the most expensive, I’m surprise…

A colourful bus stop.

And the loop is finished, PAK’nSAVE again.

It’s 1 pm and I’ve already start cooking my croissant with BUTTER! 375g, ouch!

The dough is waiting for its turn. 30 minutes outside and 1 hour in the fridge.

After 90 minutes the first part is ready. Now I have to mix the butter and the dough in several layers and it’s difficult.

And there are ready and much more delicious than last time! Certainly because I put so much butter. Everybody took at least one already so I’ve took a picture before all off them disappear :-) 7h to make them, 30 minutes to eat them! So good!

2 thoughts on “Napier, one more visit arround the city

  1. Ouaaaah ils ont l’air trop bon ces croissants. C’est sur qu’ils allaient pas rester longtemps !

    Ah ces photos montrent bien que c’est pas bien différent de chez nous. Sauf qu’il y a beaucoup moins de monde et de voitures. Ça doit rendre les courses mon relou !!

    A bientôt !

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