Napier, first working day

Finally! After 2 weeks of break I’ve started working. It’s not the most interesting job but we can make good money. This week is a training time. We start with little trees and we have to be as fast as possible. Apple thinning consist to pick some fruits and let the other growing normally. I know, the picture is totally different but during my work I was thinking about my next dessert : “Paris Brest” :-). It’s not a simple one but I wanted to try. I’ve took only one picture because the final result was flat and the cream was too liquid. Fortunately it was god :-) I’ve eat sugar for one week at least haha.

2 thoughts on “Napier, first working day

  1. Cool ton blog!

    Vivement que tu continues ton trip parce que là on se croirait sur le site de Maïté!

    De notre côté tout roule! Après east cape, Bay of plenty et coromandel, nous voici dans le northland!


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