Napier, dumplings cooking

Today is a big cooking day! Under the orders of Wenshan, Sonia, Gina, Jammie and Karis Are making dumplings and I’m invited to participate to learn. Ooooh yes, learning how cooking Asian food that something I like :-) thanks!

We make at least one hundred dumplings like these ones. Should be delicious!

Jammie and Karis are working hard but we have almost finished. Yes, I’m taking some pictures I made two dough (pâte) before.

1, 2 and 3 plates. Roh! So much! And Rob (from England) is making noodles. Everybody is cooking Asian today :-).

The chef Wenshan and her Dumplings :-)

The half full kitchen. Sometimes it’s hard to find a way through everybody but it’s fun :-)

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