Mayfield > Fairlie (78km, 4h15)

Hey, today is still sunny and I know that the road should be hilly, in particular before Fairlie. But before I will pass in Geraldine and a book about new Zealand said it’s the most beautiful town in south island. Hmm I never heard about it… I will see :-)

I’m not so far of Geraldine, the water as always that kind of color here. Why?

No transition, Geraldine! There is a farm shop and i’m sure I will find some good products.

Geraldine, the main street, like every town. But there is a outside market and many tourist around. A guy is playing accordion, it’s nice :-)

I found a park and I’m ready to cook!

I bought many vegetables and fruits hmmm :-)

Just front of me some guy are playing the famous English sport (I don’t remember the name. One through the ball, the second catch it with is “wood bar”, the ball goes somewhere and an other guy take it. Everybody applause and they restart… Genial…

It’s really really hot now and I don’t want to cycle now. We can pay internet in this cafe so for the thirst time since I have my tablet I will pay for it.


It’s around 5pm now and I moved from Geraldine but it’s still 34°…

It’s green and hilly like in France sometimes.

Cows are the only alive thing we can see here :-)

Ah no… The is sheep as well :-)

It’s now 19.30pm and I’m getting really tired. I’ve just finished to climb this last big hill before Fairlie.

The view. Fairlie is down there and I don’t know where I’m going to sleep.

OK, I don’t like beer and take a picture with it as wheel but some guys proposed me this when I arrived to the top. It’s still fresh and I won’t need using my water, it’s cool!

I’ve cook my new favourite meal, couscous with vegetables and it’s nice :-)

The sun just disappeared and I didn’t find any place yet.

I like this picture. The moon is soft and a bunch of birds are flying around.

OK, finally I found a place before Fairlie in a field next cows. The door was opened and there is shit almost everywhere but it’s OK.

During that time, the moon is rising slowly.

I’m just next to the road but lower so it’s not so easy to see me.

Whouaaa, beautiful colours :-)

The moon, attraction of the day.

Last one and good night!

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  1. Some Chicken in a box ? It’s strange !! The English Game Is it cricket ? The moon is really photogenic, and the birds also ! You were in the bush to New Zeland, with cows and moon who look at your sleeping ! It’s really adventure !

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