Hororata > Mayfield (61km, 3h10)

I had the most quiet night ever! Absolutely no noise, just the birds at the morning and then I woke up almost at 9am. Normally it’s 7am but I was tired yesterday. Today I’m going around Geraldine. It’s far but after the gorges, it’s going downhill so it will be easier.


Sometimes we can see the summit like now and it’s wonderful with the clouds like that.

The view is splendid from here.

Let’s see on the other side.

The kaiata river is continuing wider and further.

The visit is finished, let’s go!

The road is passing by the bottom of the gorge.

Next to the river.

The colour is so light.

From the bridge.

After a medium up hill I’m front of Mt Hutt. A break? OK.

Macro picture :-)

Nature bush view.

I wish I had a better zoom lens but it’s OK.

Certainly Mt Hutt hidden by the clouds.

I continued 10 or 15 km more and found this place to eat lunch. It’s just front of the road but there is not so much cars.

Another river but always the same colour.

I’m now in Mayfield, a really small place. I’ve seen a panel “pool open” and I’m thinking about having a swim.

This place is nice and warm.

Behind the fence seems to be a public pool. It’s 2$ the entry. A lot cheaper than campsites where I usually stop for shower. That’s cool :-)

Yeah looks good!

Every body is gone now and I’m alone. I was sitting next to the water. The children was jumping just next to me. The water is cold but finally I did it :-)

Hello :-)

The view!

I think I will put my stuff somewhere tonight but it’s not dark enough. Let’s play guitar and I’ll find a place later. Bye!

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