Fairlie > Lake Tekapo (50km, 3h)

Josiane is on her way to Wanaka. We splitted few days ago but today I met 3 new cyclists, all French! Looks like only French speaking people enjoy traveling this way. But anyway it’s nice :-)


The journey starts with a huge landscape on a misty valley.

I’m now in Fairlie but it’s empty, too early. In fact, this morning (I knew that), a truck came in the field where I was. I was a bit streesed and started to prepare myself just in case, but anybody came to my tent. The guy was working and didn’t pay attention to me. I finally moved around 7am to come here.

There is toilets, supermarket, bench, all the things I need :-)

I met 3 French guys during I was cleaning my chain : David, Charlotte and Mathieu. One from Vosges and the couple from Bretagne.

We are now all together cycling to the Lake Tekapo :-) This place doesn’t seem to be in new Zealand…

Blue, white, green : simple :-)

This area is really dry and there is not so much trees.

Oooh, for the first time, there is some real mountains front of us.

This road is really nice.

Lake Tekapo! Here we are :-)

Mathieu has a trailer like me :-). It’s the second guy I see with am equipment like me. It’s getting popular maybe.

Wouhaaa! This colour is crazy!


Charlotte taking a picture :-)

We are looking for a place to sleep for free. Charlotte and Mathieu didn’t use any campsites for more than one month now. It’s great and I should do the same thing if I want to keep my money because I spent already more than initial budget and I don’t like that.

Panoramic wonderful view!

We finally came back close to the city center and we found a place next to the river, under the trees after the Tekapo’s dam. Good spot and free! See ya tomorrow :-)

5 thoughts on “Fairlie > Lake Tekapo (50km, 3h)

  1. hi man! happy to see you still alive!! the view there is incredible! lucky for you! I will go back to china for the chinese new year,but just for 10 days. By the way,i received your post card from new zealand,its very nice of you,thanks.

    enjoy your travel!

  2. Eh copain !

    Very nice le lac Tekapo! Il pleuvait qd on y est passé ! Mais tu verras la suite est Encore plus belle… je ne t’en dis pas plus!

    De notre côté on enchaine les wwoofing pour save money! On fait de Super rencontres ! On est tjrs pres de Kaikoura !

    Il est de où ds les vosges ton ami cycliste? Alex habite pres du thillot.

    Take care

    1. Hello :-). J’y suis pas passé a kaikoura. J’ferai peut être ça au retour. Les paysages sont vraiment géniaux c’est clair :-) la je suis a Alexandra pour bosser 3 semaines. Je save money comme vous! Je sais pas de quel ville vient David et il nous a lâché pour la pédale. A bientot.

  3. hello Damien,
    ces couleurs sont vraiment extraordinaires. tu vas bientôt faire la fête pour ton anniversaire ? 30 ans et loin de nous. on pensera quand même bien à toi ce jour-là. en attendant pleins de grosses bises de toute la famille.

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