Lake Tekapo, day off

This place is nice and we decided to have a day off together. We slept in that forest next to the river and it was nice.

The toilet are in the city centre so i’m visiting the place on my way. And there is many rabbits all around. There is one on that picture :-)

I didn’t follow the river but this way is nice.

We arrive behind the buildings.

The tourist are not here yet, it’s quiet.

In that place, there is only Asian restaurant : Chinese, Japan and other kind. In few hours, many buses will arrive.

And bam! The Lake Tekapo :-)

It’s wonderful!

This afternoon, we quit our campsite to go to the lake. There, we washed our clothes and took a “shower” have a drink and enjoy this day. All for free!, now I don’t need to pay a camping anymore. Or just if the weather is really bad. New year, new budget :-)

A church is front of the lake. I didn’t read anything because I don’t like so much things link to religion.

Another panoramic view.

On the way back we pass front of cute little houses. That was a nice day off and tomorrow it’s cycling day :-)

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  1. I have seen one rabbit ? There are another ? For the dinner It’s a good meal ! More rabbits than tourists! It’s very strange !

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