Lake Tekapo > Lake Pukaki (72km, 5h)

Today, the team is ready to go to lake Pukaki. It’s bigger than the previous one and David told us that somebody told him that it’s much more beautiful. OK OK, we will see :-)


I bought a little book for south island especially for cycling (paradise pedallers) and it says that we can join the next lake by this canal. It says as well that this road is closed because of works but it’s possible to go, no problem.

Unfortunately, some workers stopped next to us and they told us that the road is really closed. We have to come back and take the normal highway road…

Finally after few kilometres, we turned right on a gravel road. David and Mathieu followed by…

… Charlotte :-)

And a sheep, the only one here :-)

The landscape is getting really good!

There is so much space and they are all stick together.


And sometimes, even on this gravel road, there is some login truck with lots if smoke behind.

Hey, it seems to be Mt Cook! Finally!

Mt Cook in situation.

Panoramic view. It’s nice that we took this road because apart the trucks we are alone. The little dark point on the road is David :-)

We shouldn’t be so far from the lake now.

Away :-). That’s lake Pukaki as blue as Lake Tekapo.

And Mt cook is getting closer and closer.

Tomorrow we will go there.

My bike used to be black…


We are now going down south to turn around the lake in clockwise direction. This rock is named “Aussie Rock” certainly because it looks like Australia.

The gravel road seams long now after 2 hours or more on it.

Fortunately the landscape is marvellous. The colours, the mountains, the snow, the lake, the sun, wouhaouuu!

This building is the central electric station of the canal that we couldn’t follow this morning.

And that’s certainly the pipes which bring the water to create the energy.

And we are continuing going down south towards the end of the lake. Here we made a break and went directly in the water with our clothes and shoes. The temperature is about 36° so we get dry in less than one hour.

We are almost at the end of the lake.


From here the Mt Cook is just front of us.

Oooh, I like this one very much :-)

There is a dam here as well but not in use.

The machine. Keep out… Ok, OK I move…

No transition, we found finally a spot on the other side of the lake. Mt cook, it’s for tomorrow :-) and because of the ground, I’m going to sleep on my tent this time :-)

It’s not cold, but it’s a bit scary :-)

The sunset is marvellous.

But few minutes later, the moon is now coming and it’s so bright! I hope I can sleep like this. Good night! :-)

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